Utah Audiophile Society

Kimber KableUtah is one of the biggest hot beds for audiophiles in the United States. While not the most populous state – Utah has the magic combination of music lovers, high net worth residents, low restrictions on environmental controls as well as cutting edge, high tech manufacturing. This leads to growth and development for audiophile music development, high end audio component design as well as high end audio retail that competes with any of the other top spots in the country including New York, South Florida, Southern California, Northern California, Pennsylvania or Washington State.

Notable Utah-based Audiophile Equipment Manufacturers

Willson AudioWilson Audio is one of the most lauded loudspeaker companies on the planet Earth. Their Wilson Audio WATT Puppy is one of the most famous speakers and speaker form factors ever. Today that speaker is called the Wilson Audio Sasha WP. Speaker designer and recording enineer, David Wilson, has built speakers that can be driven with very little power, image amazingly and come painted in custom colors long before custom finishes were trendy.

Kimber Kable – Cable guru and recording engineer, Ray Kimber, would have his bust carved into the Mount Rushmore of Utah audiophile heads of state as he has been one of the single most influential audiophile designers in the history of the business. His twisted or braided cables have a very distinctive look to them and they provide a clean, distortion-free connection between the world's finest audiophile components. Kimber Kable should be considered one of the top audiophile cable companies in the nation if not the world.

RBH SpeakersRBH Speakers – RBH speakers are known affectionately as the "other speakers from Utah" but in some ways that is an unfair way to brand the company as they make some of the best wood-finished, high dynamic speakers in the nation. They offer their clients upwards of 20 exotic wood finishes on their reference speakers but also have in-wall, on-wall and many other configuration of high performance speakers.

Zu Audio – Zu Audio is a small manufacturer of very high efficiency audiophile loudspeakers that can, like Wilson Audio be painted in custom colors. Zu Audio's roots trace back to other audiophile manufacturers in Utah.

Tekton SpeakersTekton Designs – Eric Alexander's Tekton Designs is a Provo Utah based speaker manufacturer who focuses on building speakers that are very efficient thus need little to no power to drive them. Their speakers like the Tekton Design M-Lore is a favorite with the single end triode tube amp fans as they can get the volume that they desire from their 3 watt tube amps without causing any audio issues. Alexander's mentored with Ray Kimber and worked with Internet-direct speaker company, Aperion Audio, for years.

Audiophile and Home Theater Retailers In Utah

There are many top dealers in the state of Utah for both the home automation and custom home theater installation category as well as some top audiophile salons or high end audio boutique stores. Some of the best dealers include Aurant in Salt Lake City, S3 Entertainment in Salt Lake City and Audio Installations in St. George.

Best Headphones

Utah Audiophile recommends Curated Headphones and Home Theater Review as the places in the know for best audiophile headphones.